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Two main topics discussed:

  • A general overview of the controversy. Do viruses really exist and other related questions.
  • Antibodies. How they are in fact useless at stopping disease and are used to coerce people / scare people into accepting quackccines.

It is important to note that many people often end up asking themselves and or others once they start discerning the truth about germ “theory” [pseudoscience] hoax “why do doctors and nurses and other professional institutionalized tax slaves ignore the fact that germ theory is a hoax based on one mans absolutely bastardized misunderstanding of biology?”

The answer:
“It is difficult to get a man / woman to understand something, when their salary is dependent on them not understanding it”. – Upton Sinclair

If Pasteurs [may his name be cursed for eternity] fraud were realized by most people the entire medical / pharma mafia would collapse. Lots of people who be rendered jobless. Emergency Medicine has merit but even that has issues which will be discussed at another time.


As the malevolent creature conjured up in the minds of the average person, viruses are a myth. Medical personnel, many of whom know better, help perpetuate the myth. There’s money to be made out of it. The word virus merely means poison. But the word has been expanded in its usage to mean a disease-causing entity. Viruses do not cause disease. As festering putrefying waste material unelimi- nated from the body it accumulates until the body enters a state of toxicosis. When morbid matters have accumulated to a criti- cal point the body institutes an emergency step to eject the offending matters. It may eliminate these materials through the sinuses (sinusitis), facial pustules (acne), bronchioles (asthma), respiratory tract (cold or flu), mouth (canker sores or mouth ulcers), rashes, lesions, ulcers, psoriasis or any number of other affections over body-selected sites.Viruses that have been photographed and identified are merely the DNA particles remaining from mitochondria from spent body cells. They are toxic and will impair systemic performance if not eliminated. The body normally eliminates about a plateful of dead cells daily that contains trillions, even quadrillions of these little DNA particles which are the remnants of the organelles of cells that the body is replacing.As entities that perform beastly acts in their hosts, viruses are being endowed with entitative qualities they do not have—such malevolent entities exist in the figments of the human imagination only and the delusional self perpetuating graundeur of cult figures like Pasteur, Koch, fauxi, and other “virus hunting” sociopaths. The bits of genetic material that float as debris in the body’s fluid until recycled or eliminated are identified as viruses. Their identity varies with the type of cell they came from.Yes, the body recycles its waste materials. Substantial of the usable waste materials resulting from cellular disintegration are reabsorbed by remaining cells through the processes of pinocytosis and phagocytosis. The cell using nutrients from the waste material invaginates, thus creating an impromptu stomach, pours in digestive enzymes and then absorbs for reuse the elaborated nutrients thus derived.Viruses come to be as observed under electron microscopes as obtained from body waste materials, eliminative points (as in genital or other sores—as in colds, flu, etc.) or body fluids. Viruses are always wastes, either being recycled or ejected. The body does unto this dead material. It never does unto the body.


Laboratories cannot reproduce what they call viruses in vitro as they do a bacterial culture. All viruses are obtained from dead cells and, of course, all material obtained from dead cells are dead also.The living cell is tantamount to a small city. The body is a multicellular organism with some 75 trillion cells (per Dr. Arthur C. Guyton’s definitive book. Textbook of Medical Physiology). Each cell contains several hundred to several thousand organelles or mitochondria. Each mitochondrion has a sheltered existence with an ideal environment within the cell. It is an independent existence having its own metabolism and all requisite life functions. It has its own DNA (genetic material). When the cell dies it is self-destructed by its own powerful enzyme, lysosome. This self-destruction is tantamount to blowing an iceberg into smithereens for the cell is billions of times larger than each bit of debris that results from the disintegration. Among this debris are thousands of bits of genetic material (DNA) that were part of the mitochondrial population.

The prevailing view is that a piece of dead genetic material somehow gains entrance to a cell through a cellular membrane and then commands the cell to replicate it thousands of times until the cell explodes, spreading these thousands of ” n e w ” bits of genetic material into the lymph fluid from where it proceeds to other cells and causes the same debacle.
If this process were true, then the process of replication and destruction would continue, ever accelerating with the immense multiplication, until the entire body was disintegrated and thus dead.
This absurd explanation exists simply because the medical profession and religious apologists need a plausible scapegoat to account for disease. They need the myth of contagion thrown in so that people will be under duress to follow their admonishments and strictures.
The replication theory simply will not do. Primarily the explanation ignores the thousands of bits of genetic material that result from regular cell disintegration and attributes the debris to replication of invading genetic material that have caused the cell to explode.
Cells resist everything but their own self-serving and organism- serving activities. The cell selects and dictates what it will ingest and egest. When it dies it has a built-in program for breaking up so as to facilitate its elimination from the organism.
For thinking persons the viral theory of disease causation is also dead.
The real causes of disease are those practices over which all humans have nearly total control that pollute and intoxicate their bodies with morbid materials, either those generated from within that have not been eliminated or those from without that the body could not cope with.
Health invariably is restored in all remedial cases (almost everyone where life yet remains) when healthful living is instituted and pathogenic toxins which are the main factors of most diseases, and influences are removed.

What are called viruses are bits of dead genetic material that have no power to do anything, much less cause either good or bad effects.
The diseases that we attribute to viruses are actually body created eliminative crises to eject forcibly toxic matters that have accumulated. Uneliminated wastes are life-sapping and deadly.

As more and more bacteria are exonerated as causative agents of disease, viruses or dead genetic material found at the site of the disease manifestation are blamed.
This has happened in so many cases that the germ theory is no longer serviceable or defensible. Herpes virus replacement of spirochetes as the culprits in certain types of venereal disease is an illustrative case.
The germ theory is really dead for practical purposes.

Your government and the “prestigious” universities are owned by banks and pharmacy corporations. This is how they terrorize the citizens of all nations.

  • The CDC (center for disease creation) creates the market, makes up a disease through shoddy research and fake tests.
  • Media amplifies the fear through news and experts.
  • Big tech censors counter views and amplifies ‘authoritative content’ from CDC/WHO.
  • Pharma rides the fear and makes drugs,
  • FDA approves them.
  • Gov makes laws and liability protections for their ‘service to humanity’.

Pharma sales funds the entire ecosystem including doctors, politicians, and research institutions.

This is how they do it.


Do antibodies really help in stopping disease?

Let us address the common retort of germ pseudoscience peddlers regarding a topic they often use to scare people into accepting their snake oil injections. Antibodies. What are antibodies? Well the official medical / pharma mafias explanation is that Antibodies aRe [* clown music*] pRoTeInS ThAt pRoTeCt yOu wHeN An uNwAnTeD SuBsTaNcE EnTeRs yOuR BoDy. Produced by your “immune system”, antibodies bind to these unwanted substances in order to eliminate them from your system. Another word for antibody is immunoglobulin. More specifically the medical / pharma mafia and their legal terrorists [Governments] asserts with certainty that an antibody recognizes a unique molecule of the pathogen, called an antigen and using these markers provides the mechanism that the human body uses to “eliminate” the foreign threat [notice the war rhetoric / jargon]. [*stop clown music*].

Well sounds important doesnt it? Here is a brief slideshow that exposes the truth about antibodies and their alleged role in being solely responsible for protecting from diseases.

In one sentence: Guess what, people who get sick all the time have antibodies….

The slideshow:

The following points are of crucial importance in this discussion:

Firstly, that we cannot always be sure that the question of immunity can be clarified
by means of an antibody determination for each vaccine (see below)

Secondly, the antibodies that show up in routine tests are not automatically those
that provide protection (immunity), but sometimes only those that indicate that
(apart from the measured protective antibodies that are not decisive for immunity,
and which are certainly not measured) protective antibodies have been produced.
The measured ones are then a so-called surrogate parameter of immunity. This
complicated hypothesis is based, on one hand, on the fact that the immune
response produces numerous different antibodies with different functions and, on
the other hand, that the determination of the actually decisive antibodies in some
vaccinations would be too time-consuming for routine diagnostics. (Or to put it
simply, the connection between antibodies and immunity is a myth)
• Thirdly, each ‘immunity’ is based on statistics and therefore relative whether it
protects in the individual case or not. The true reasons for the state of the body
being “symptom-free” lie buried in other justifications.
“Thus protection is a
statistical concept. When we say that a particular titer of antibodies is protective, we
mean under the usual circumstances of exposure, with an average challenge dose
and in the absence of negative host factors.” [MEDICAL MAFIA ACOYLITE]
• Fourthly, the question of protection from what exactly is meant from the point of
view of orthodox medicine is also crucial. For example, it is claimed that in the case of HiV and measles, much lower antibody levels protect against contracting the
disease oneself (protection from disease) than is necessary to prevent transmission
to others (protection from infection).
Note: As there is still no scientific proof of the measles virus, the question naturally arises
as to how the claim of protection from measles by antibodies can be claimed when the
pathogen has not yet been proven. A fallacy. So the horse is being put before the cart
here. I’m measuring some “antibodies”, so I’m indirectly claiming to have a pathogen.
The measurable antibody titers after vaccination only shows the conflict of the immune
system with the antigens, which are mostly coupled to adjuvants [toxic chemicals that are vaccine ingredients]. Without these adjuvants
there would be no antibody formation. Here it becomes clear that the immune system is
much more complex and does not function exclusively through antibody formation.
Herpes sufferers develop circulating antibodies against the herpes “virus” Nevertheless,
herpes can flare up again and again by compromising bodily health through toxic nutrition, habit, lifestyle and psychological disposition, for many people
disgust is enough. And this occurs even when herpes antibodies are detectable. Someone
who is HIV-positive is also not happy about having circulating antibodies against HIV. [This is said ironically since HIV/aids does not exist for more on the aids hoax read this book]:

The hypothesis of antibodies does not work from start to finish. If they can offer protection,
how is it that people who have a sufficient titer still fall ill? How is it possible that the logic of
antibodies in HIV was turned 180 degrees, where high antibodies are deemed counter productive.



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