How the Rockefeller Foundation Hijacked and Destroyed Medicine

To Understand how we are in the situation we are in today one must look at the events that took place in the first two decades of the 20th century. By the 1880s John D Rockefeller had already consolidated a python like monopoly on oil production that spanned the entire world. He owned 90% of the oil refineries. Once he was done establishing his oil monopoly ‘Standard Oil’ gave him the wealth and success he sought as a young man, he was now, before the dawn of the 20th century, the wealthiest man in the world and the first billionaire in modern history.

His next ambition was to monopolize the medical market. Before the rise of Rockefeller medicine, medicine was practiced by anyone. This medical monopoly that is alive and well today has kept humanity lingering in the darkness of ignorance with regards to human health and well being. [sadly most doctors today are still stuck in a 100+ year debunked understanding which is the foundation of “modern” medicine the pseudoscience cult of Germ “theory” but that topic will be discussed in a future piece]. Due to mass manipulation through bribing and corruption Rockefeller & Co succeeded in creating, establishing and entrenching a new monopoly over the practice of Medicine. By the 1920s this monopoly had a vice grip on the entire practice of medicine reminiscent to the previous monopoly established the Rockefeller in the petrol-chemical industry. As a result for over 120+ years humanity has been poisoned, experimented on unwillingly and without knowledge by the very people who are supposed to be the most respected in society. Doctors are now the biggest mass murderers in modern history. Millions of people worldwide die from their “mistakes” which their establishment and its minions euphemistically call “malpractice”.

Just in the USA alone over 500,000+ American Citizens die as victims of “medical malpractice”. In Canada this is annually around 40,000+ dead due to “medical malpractice”. These statistics are not discussed publicly on high profile media channels and are purposefully brushed under the rug so to speak.

This brief visual presentation will provide the most succinct history of how the Rockefeller name managed to take over and destroy medicine in the late modern age.

One of the most important books on the matter that exposed the Rockefeller Medical Mafia is the following classic that should be taught in every major school in any part of the world.

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