Its August 9th 2021 and yet again the UN + MEDIA work together to lie about reality.

It doesn’t take much effort to show that all their claims about reality are bogus.

Show this to everyone. Its so easy to see that most of the claims the UN & their media PR prostitutes make about the problems in human societies and the natural world they reside in are completely fraudulent and outright manipulatively deceptive. Here is a brief breakdown of the visual presentation that demonstrates how the UN + their media shills lied to the world yet again.

1- UN spews more “CLiMaTe ChAnGe” hoax
2- “Media” PR firms perpetuate lies
3- DATA: heatwave + intensity gone down over years.
4- DATA: worst heat waves in the last 130 years -> 1930s
5- DATA: % of places in USA going over 95f significantly down.
6- DATA: frequency of high temperatures going down
7- NY SLIMES joins in perpetuating blatant lies with fear mongering.
8- DATA: Fire Burn Acreage down significantly
9- “MEDIA” joined in perpetuating blatant lies
10- DATA: Global annual deaths from natural disasters down significantly.
11- UN + MEDIA blame COWS + similar farm animals for the non existent “environmental issues” and want people to not eat meat to “save the planet”.
12- New England Journal of Medicine + Lancet Journal editors expose the compromised corrupt nature of “scientific research”.

Almost every issue discussed by those who scream about climate has nothing to do with the reality of actual environmental issues going on globally. The UN + MEDIA shills spew, on a never ending 24/7 basis, are complete lies and fabrications used to instill fear and confuse the population. In any sane word all the people behind these “news reports” would be fired and shamed publicly.

THE united nations & its MEDIA PR organizations are a threat to mankind and to nature.

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