The program is an outgrowth of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which requires health care providers to report: Any event listed by the vaccine manufacturer as a contraindication to subsequent doses of the vaccine. Any event listed in the Reportable Events Table that occurs within the specified time period after vaccination. The data are stored electronically by the CDC in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD).

VAERS was established in 1990 and is managed jointly by the FDA and the CDC. It is meant to act as a sort of “early warning system”—a way for physicians and researchers to identify possible unforeseen reactions or side effects of vaccination for further study.

Both the NCVIA + VAERS are really just massive bureaucratic systems of obfuscation that make it difficult for the naivé unsuspecting citizens to see the real human loss of life & long term injuries caused by fraudulent vaccines. Sadly it was Ronald Reagan who created a federal legal branch that was funded entirely by tax payers to fund the damages caused to families whos children / loved ones were harmed by quackccines. In short the NCVIA gave complete legal immunity for the Big Pharma Corporations. Because any injury if even acknowledged by the kangaroo court would be repaid by tax payer money. Not to mention the malfeasance & corrupt disregard for human life by putting a stipulated monetary value for human life. No money can recompense a family whos loved one was harmed for life or lost their lives simply for volunteering themselves to be subjected to an allegedly beneficial “medical treatment”.

In 2009 the American Federal Agency, the HHS released a document to the public explaining briefly the uses and improvements of the VAER system (VAERs). The document describes the roll VAERs plays in the framework of the global medical establishment. You can read it for yourself here:

On page 6 of the document you will see the following paragraph that outlines how the VAER system (VAERs) works. Notice the highlighted paragraph. Explaining how only 1% of the Adverse Reactions are collected and published. In other words if a vaccine is released the data being tracked only publishes and reports 1% of the total ‘Adverse Events’ that took place.
Based on this simple fact let us take a look at the most up to date statistics from the VAERS system as it relates to the ongoing COVID19 vaccine roll out.

page 6 of above document

Here is the most up to date VAERS data from the COVID19 vaccine program:

As of July 23rd 2021 11,940 individuals DIED directly from the reaction to the vaccine.

Based on the above document explaining how VAERS works one can easily deduce that since 11,940 people died this accounts for only 1% of the actual ‘Adverse Reaction’ category. In other words when the math is properly done as of July 23rd 2021 118,206 individuals died from the vaccines in the USA. It begs the question:

Does this vaccine have anything to do with health?

Did 1,200,000* individuals who have ‘death’ as their ‘Adverse Reaction’ from the Covid19 Vaccines have to die for the greater good of society? IS this really how the most advance modern medicine works? You have to kill thousands of people so that millions are allegedly safe from a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate?

This is just the VAER system in the USA.

If you want a quick guide on how to access the VAER system yourself please refer to the following instructional diagram & consider thinking about the implications of all of this while you also read and remind yourself of the Hippocratic oath which is the moral code / oath Medical Doctors are supposed to abide by.

CDC & FDA sus to the max

Here is the Hippocratic Oath … do you think doctors live up to it in our era?


    1. as youll know if you read the estimate is lowest 120K dead from the quackccine up to over 1.2 million dead people in the USA alone.
      That is where the ambiguity is … because the CDC [center for disease creation] discredits its own event catalogue system [VAERS] anyway its fraud and they are mass murdering millions of people


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