For 1.5+ years now we have all experienced and we’ve all watched the unfolding of the end of history, the new world order, aka one world gov controlled by the Swiss government & all affiliated governments and private sector corporations / individuals:

Agenda 2030 + KKKlaus SSchawb swiss technocrat overlord [WEF] ‘Great Reset’ + Global eugenics / socialist tyranny & Co [Vanguard + Blackrock + Bain & Co + ELITE “Philanthropis[s]t foundations” aka tax havens for the rich and powerful]

The quackccines are just a mass poisoning event of the 21st century just like the same institutions and big wealthy power/business families did a century ago with polio (it want a virus it was chemical poisoning in the air, soil, water, mass fear event – gov + medical mafia – vaxd 100+ million people from 1953-62 – caused 60+ years of cancer and millions more polio cases (eg Cutter affair)
the 1918 scamdemic which was caused by vaxing all the soldiers who came home from wwi in the bases & the forced masked mandates that in a less clean / hygienic world caused masses amounts of bacterial pneumonia which was the real cause of 1918 scamdemic 83% of the dead died from bacterial pneumonia).

So now we have our own 21st century equivalent. They created a fake health crisis by

-> poisoning the masses who were dumb enough to listen with ethylene oxide [in the blue masks & PCR at higher concentrations]
-> then with the fear mongering coerced people into
-> mass vax strategy [aka mass poisoning event]
-> for the goal of endless “boosters”
perfect strategy for making sure you get customers for life by the use of coercion from world governments [UN] and ensuring that they are fully immune from any of the deaths and maiming caused by the so called “medical” solutions.

Heres a brief interview with a scientist from one of the quackccine manufacturers explaining how the quackccines create a deficiency in the anti-bodies that the body would naturally develop to become immune to the pathogen.

Dr Bauer of the Francis Crick Institute explains that the Pfizer vaccine produces 5-6 times fewer neutralizing antibodies that play a key role in protecting us from the Indian variant. He suggests that booster…

original video:

Take a real life example of a complete utter quackccine failure, this is iceland … the infograph speaks for itself:

Iceland, Australia, NZ, England, France, Spain, South America, ME, East Asia already almost fully implementing agenda2030 eugenics / socialist global UN run pseudoscience “medical” tyranny.

Lastly lets address the newest [non existing] DELTA variant:

here is the visual graph that the media / governments and affiliated private sector goons are claiming is the reason for new lock downs and mandatory even more heavily coerced vaccines:

Regardless it is really important to remember that viruses are not living microorganisms and that simple fact alone should easily render moot any notion that viruses “mutate”. The reason viruses have either RNA or DNA found in them is because they are ALWAYS found in LIVING organisms. BUT viruses are NOT living organisms they are cellular debree that are excreted from over cytotoxicity [cell systems aka ‘organs’ that are “diseased” which just means poisoned by either external chemical poisoning or from individual habitual poisoning through food / liquid intake + drugs + other chemicals that are harmful from consumer goods].

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