The government and the media who are their pr firms are purposefully not showing the massive amount of human suffering caused by the mass vax. Anyway these are a minuscule amount of individual cases that are not fake not hyperbole they are individual families whos loved ones were maimed and / or killed by this toxic waste. When it will happen to you, one day you might feel it on your own skin. For now pictures are more powerful than words. Adults who chose to subject themselves to this is understandable because they were coerced into it and using their own free will chose to get injected. But the children whos adult guardians are supposed to protect, got subjected to it without their consent and by force. Coercion is force. Lessons of wwi & wwii were never truly learned, the sacrifice of the soldiers to stop the global expansion of national socialism [based on eugenics / socialism] & the classical marxist economic socialist dictatorship parallel to the nazis -> soviets … all was in vain … the grandchildren of the world-war veterans are now being subjected to an equally sinister global eugenics program and few adults want to actually talk about it.

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