By the end of the year most of canada will look like this:

A completely divided segregated society. Less than a century after the horrors of Nazi Germany and the Russian Soviet union, two failed experiments of the two forms of rabid socialism plaguing humanity. The Governments of the world, including canada decided that free human beings weren’t good. And that creating a two tiered society that discriminates based on whether or not one decided to subject themselves to a coerced [not so] medical “treatment” was somehow conducive to the alleged motto that is supposed to be the motivation of the Canadian government. “Good governance”.

Canada now is no longer a sovereign nation. The kangaroo court / “legal” system that remains in place is simply a facade and a heavily well oiled machine thats sole purpose is to dehumanize, impoverish and increase the government canadas institutions ability to destroy the individual tax payer from every angle of life.

The Scamadian [falsely known as Canadian] nazi like dictatorship is showing its true colors. The Rule of Law is a facade, canadian politicians actively commit treason every minute they sit in office. Treason is Policy in Canada:

1__Despite ‘Censorship’ Bill C-36 died in the senate it already is in law through court precedent, canadian police official openly boasts that canada has no “free speech” cowardly claiming by decree [legalism] that there is somehow a seperation between “free speech” and “free expression” … cant have speech without expression and for anyone with half a brain cell the same would be realized plainly that, for humans, its not that easy to ‘express’ yourself if you do not have a right to utter speech.

2__Canadian Trust Fund Baby beta male Justine ‘Castro’ TURDeau and his fat obese degenerate lapdog doug ford, literally & figuratively commit, fund and engage in terrorist activites against their own nation.

3__Lastly the so called ‘DELTA’ variant is no threat as you can clearly see.

4__Vaccines only cause death and disease know the truth:



12 year old girl is maimed put in wheel chair for life due to parents stupidly volunteering her for Pfizer Vax trial for children

Dont worry though dr bill gates warned all of us the side effects take 2 years to show up – so screw safety measures:

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