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Poisoning us from above

There is always that one person you know who used to talk about “chem trails”. Most of the time in highschool or once people go into university / college people who mention such things in social gatherings are generally ridiculed and at worst ostracized. The suggestion that governments [military & scientists] and big corporations [other scientists who are driven by cooperating with their bedfellow governments & co] work together to manipulate aspects of the globes weather. For most tax slaves this notion is laughable.

The irony is that it is not a crazy notion at al. The governments & corporations of the world together HAVE in fact been using chemistry and other technology specifically to manipulate grand aspects of the earths weather systems. Specifically focused initially for increasing rainfall to help regions of the world that have on going droughts to be able to artificially mitigate such a tragic situation. Its use however quickly turned towards abuse. And Military / Gov leaders around the world started using this new weather manipulation technology in the theatre of war.

I guess the former head of the CIA is also a conspiracy theorist?:

Notice where hes giving the speech > CFR [Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller] Foundations creepy “think tank” Council on Foreign Relations. Important to note hes perpetuating the global warming hoax pseudoscience while hes admitting to ‘cloud seeding’ aka ‘geo engineering’ weather manipulation by Gov + Corps.

Since the end of world war i, western scientists have used chemistry and the understanding of wind currents in all levels of the sky to create artificial rain by adding some chemicals into the air that eventually get absorbed by clouds above. This results in significant changes of weather. This technique has is called cloud seeding. What are those chemicals? Here is the list of chemicals used by Gov + their friendly corporations to among other things modify the weather in order to create artificial rain.

Before it is important to note that the American military used cloud seeding during the war in vietnam to keep rainfall over the jungles non stop for over 3 months … 24/7 rain due to chemical manipulation of the skies.

Some of the most prominent innovators (like Irving Langmuir and others) in the military / engineering weather manipulation ‘cloud seeding’ industry, openly admitted that their research had caused the following events to take place:

a) steering hurricanes, causing a 1947 and 1948 hurricane to change course, resulting in the coastal destruction of American cities that wouldn’t have been hit by hurricanes,

b) “seeding clouds” … resulting in changing ice/snow and rain patterns, creating the conditions for floods in the early 1950s which caused destruction and property damage throughout the mid-west, Galveston, Texas, [SOUNDS SIMILAR TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GERMANY AND OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD NOW]

c) “seeding clouds” in New Mexico that either denied rain to the Eastern coast of the U.S. or overwhelmed other areas with too much rain… and well, much more.

d) A report titled Rainmaking in SEASIA outlines use of lead iodide and silver iodide deployed by aircraft in a program that was developed in California at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake and tested in Okinawa, Guam, the Philippines, Texas, and Florida in a hurricane study program called Project Stormfury.

Project Popeye was the experiment in increased rainfall through cloud seeding leading up to Operation Popeye. The technical aspects of the experiment were verified by Dr. Donald F. Hornig, Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Science and Technology. During October 1966, Project Popeye was tested in a strip of the Laos panhandle east of the Bolovens Plateau in the Se Kong River valley. The government of Laos was not informed of the project, its methods, or its goals. The test was conducted by personnel from the Naval Ordnance Test Station located at China Lake California.

there are many more examples of the above abuse of power and immoral use of scientific technology that results in both the harm to the natural order of natural mega processes of nature that should not be tampered with. And the harm, often entirely denied, and if admitted to by those in Gov & affiliate always rationalized with an excuse for the greater good.

IT doesn’t take a degree in chemistry or geology to know that inserting synthetic chemicals that manipulate the macro bigger scale of nature is not only dangerous but can result in unintended consequences and loss of life.

Here are a list of chemicals used by most nations in the world for ‘cloud seeding’ so next. Its important to consider using the technical language when attempting to explain this to normal tax slaves who have lived their entire life neglecting to think for themselves and look beyond the claims of the Gov and their private sector affiliates on certain “controversial” issues of life. Those in power purposefully set up intellectual traps in order to keep people arguing over mundane issues so as to distract from the more important and root cause of ‘x’ problem in society.

So instead of “chem trials” consider simply asking something like the following?
“do you know there is an entire engineering career dedicated to manufacturing machines and chemicals to manipulate grand weather systems in nature?, its called cloud seeding technology and its been used by governments world wide since the 1950s”

Anyway to the chemicals:

Silver Iodide

The main compound of cloud seeding for artificial rain is silver iodide. Silver iodides are examples of inorganic compounds with chemical formula Agl. Silver iodide is a highly photosensitive as a reaction of iodide solution with silver ions. The chemical has yellowish color and the solid form of it can precipitate quickly. Silver iodide acts as trigger or hook for the seeded cloud to precipitate. The chemical blends with the cloud and induce the freezing cloud to release it in the form of water. With such function, silver iodide is a chemical used in artificial rain.

Potassium Iodide

Another chemical needed in cloud seeding to create artificial rain is potassium iodide. Potassium iodide is similar to silver iodide except for the fact that potassium iodide is not only for artificial rain but also for other uses. People used potassium iodide as a shield against nuclear radiation in Chernobyl incident. It is also effective to protect some of human’s internal organ. In cloud seeding, potassium iodide functions as photosensitizer in the application of photochemistry in modern life with silver nitrate. It is also the chemical that forms silver iodide with nitrate as combination. Because of its function, it is used to make artificial rain as well.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide in the form of dry ice is also important in the making of artificial rain. This chemical is a colorless gas with chemical compound CO2. While carbon monoxide is carbon atom that bonds only with one oxygen atom, carbon dioxide bonds with two atoms and is not as dangerous as monoxide one. When it is in the form of ice, carbon dioxide will help to weigh down the clouds and press the trapped water to fall down to surface of the earth. Dry ice is not similar to ordinary ice so it functions purely as additional weight to the cloud and does not contain water. (Related to: Chemicals in Water supply).


Propane is an alkane compound with three carbon atoms. It has the chemical formula of C3H8. Propane is a common substance used as fuel is a natural gas that often is colorless but under certain circumstance can turn into liquid form. Propane gas as cloud seeding material acts as a pusher to encourage the clouds to precipitate. The liquid form of it will also trigger the clouds to release a liquid form of itself, further cause rain. Propane needs other chemical to be able to properly run its function in cloud seeding. Regardless, propane is important in the process of artificial rain.

Calcium Carbide

During agitation state calcium carbide is used in the making of artificial rain. Calcium carbide along with calcium oxide acts as absorbers of water vapour. It consists of salt and urea or ammonium nitrate. This chemical is a calcium compound with formula CAC2. It is usually colorless but can also appear white-ish. To produce calcium carbide, lime and coke mixture in an electric arc furnace reaction will result in calcium carbide. Furthermore, the role in artificial rain is to trigger precipitation in the sky clouds.

Ammonium Nitrate

Another chemical involved in cloud seeding is ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is the nitrate salt of ammonium cation with chemical formula NH4NO3. Appear in crystal white solid form, ammonium nitrate commonly used as fertilizer in agriculture. However, this chemical also plays role in the cloud seeding process to create artificial rain. Along with other chemicals, ammonium nitrate acts as the one that increase nuclei and to increase the density of the clouds as well. Nuclei is beads of water contained in the clouds that should fall as rain. With such function, ammonium nitrate is among the chemicals used in artificial rain.

Sodium Chloride

Alternative chemical beside silver iodide to create artificial rain is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is a chemical compound with formula NaCl. The formation of sodium chloride is one portion of sodium and one portion of chloride. Commonly known as salt, it is an ionic compound that can also acts as denser in artificial rain making. The chemical will make the cloud dense with big beads of water, further pushing them to create precipitation and drop rain onto the earth’s surface. The use of it is considered to be more expensive compared to silver iodide and is only used occasionally during extreme dry season. To know more about its use, read Sodium Chloride Uses.

Urea Compound

Another chemical that usually utilized in agriculture but is also able to help in cloud seeding is urea. Urea compound is also known as carbamide with chemical formula CH4N2O. The chemical comes with white solid appearance that is often used as plants fertilizer. In cloud seeding, urea acts as the one that absorb the water vapour. As a result, it will create a more dense cloud to break down the super cool clouds. Moreover, it also stimulates the formation of water mass from crystallized water in the clouds. Thus, urea is also chemical used in artificial rain.

Here is a industry book from the people who design and engineer this technology. The book is entirely jargon based, going on and on about quantitative analysis etc…. but deep in the book there are some pictures of applied cloud seeding delivery systems, they literally look like military weapons. At the end of the day our governments their military + their private sector corporate bedfellows have been manipulating massive weather systems in nature for over 70+ years. They use the wasted tax payers money for their asinine useless, often dangerous social / “scientific” experiments which they always justify to be for the “greater good” of humanity. Similar to how the Nobel (not so noble) prize was originally started so as to calm the guilt plagued conscience of the inventor of TNT Alfred.

So next time you hear someone rudely dismiss someone else for claiming the governments / corporations manipulate the weather & spray chemicals down on population centers you can show them brief article.

One thing to note. The book almost never discusses the potentially bad unintended consequences of using synthetic chemicals to manipulate weather processes. Whenever the topic is mentioned it is always dismissed and rationalized. They claim none of this is harmful to human beings. But we are in 2021 now and the rapidly increasing meritocratic understanding of both honest academic / medical professionals is providing breaking insight as to why human beings are really sick. It has far less to do with contagious diseases as the last 220+ years of the “scientific” establishment has claimed. It is almost entirely to do with over toxicity of our organ systems due to poisoning from all angles of life. From the chemicals in our food, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, what we use for cleaning and maintaining ourselves day to day. And most importantly the massive tsunami of chemicals used by big governments and corporations.

Finally its not only relevant to know they’ve been F***ing with the globes weather systems for over 70+ years. But the very people who allow this insanity to take place are the same who pontificate to the general public / hard working tax slave about “carbon pollution” … while they fly around their jets at our expense, own more cars and houses than the avg citizen of any nation, and turn a blind eye to the abusive destruction of nature by big Gov & their private sector Corporate bedfellows.

NASA even admitted CO2 increases plants on the planet which is not a bad thing for living animals !

Remember this !

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